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Boseong, Jeolla Meridionale, Corea del Sud

Lara Kipling


Boseong County is famous for its green tea leaves,well known for its great quality.The county of Boseong (보성) is famous as Korea's largest producer of green tea, and its namesake town is the gateway to the Daehan Dawon Tea Plantation. A Green Tea Festival takes place here in May; and in Yulpo, a sleepy seaside hamlet in the south of Boseong county, you can even luxuriate in a green tea spa bath. Boseong Green Tea Festival is held every May in Boseong Tea Plantation listed on "31 Beautiful Sights on This Incredible Planet" by CNN, USA.Tea Festival was held at the tea plantation on the hillside of Hwalseongsan Mountain on May 12, 1985 with pride in being the largest tea producer and the cradle of the tea industry in Korea. Since Boseong has held a variety of tea events including the ritual for Tea God to pray for a good harvest of tea, Picking Tea Leaves, Making Tea and Tea Lady Contest, Tea festival was held together with the 12th Boseong Citizens' Day in 1986. It has been elevating itself as the representative tea culture festival in Korea.