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Grossmünsterplatz, 8001 Zürich, Svizzera

by Clarissa Burt


This “Great Minister” church( Grossmünster ) is one of Zurich’s four main churches and believed to have been founded by Charlemagne. The legend states he commissioned a church on the site where his horse fell to its knees by the tombs of Zurich’s patron saints. The twin towers of this church are often considered the most recognizable landmark in all of Zurich. The church has had many different upgrades to its original twelfth century version. Modern additions to the church include stained glass by celebrated artist Augusto Giacommetti, and Bronze sculpted doors by Otto Munch. The church continues to be home to the crypts of Felix and Regula, the patron saints of Zurich, and an honorary statue of Charlemagne as well.