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San Felice Circeo LT, Italia

by Sara Hoffer


San Felice Circeo in the province of Latina is a seaside resort rich in history and natural monuments. Ancient archaeological finds have been discovered in its fascinating sea caves. Just as ancient are the origins of the city, which date back to the sixth or fifth century B.C. The area is in a magnificent natural setting where the promontory rises, and from its summit you can admire the view overlooking the plains, mountains, the sea, and the Pontine islands. At the foot of the mountain lies the ocean green forest of the Circeo National Park. San Felice Circeo offers a picturesque historic center that surrounds the thirteenth-century Templar Tower and other historic buildings. During the summer season, the beating heart of the town is Piazzetta Lanzuisi among shops, bars, and restaurants. Another place to discover is the road “Strada delle Crocette”, a path towards the mountain through a holm oak forest, up to the ruins of the acropolis of Circeo, and the road of Faro. San Felice Circeo is also full of caves and points of interest: Punta Rossa, the alabaster quarry, the Precipice, and the Fico Tower and more.