The Azores islands... - Secret World

Azzorre, Portogallo

Lara Kipling


The Azores Islands are best described in one word: magical. They are not magical in the sense of the Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World! They are thousands of miles away from that hustle and bustle. And they are an entirely different kind of magic. It is the kind of magic that only mother nature can create. Volcanic eruptions over thousands of years have served to create an Archipelago of unique islands in the Atlantic Ocean. These islands remain a largely undiscovered gem in the middle of Atlantic Ocean. They are not over run by tourists and maintain an old world charm. The archipelago of the Azores consists of nine islands divided into three groups: Western Group (Corvo and Flores); Central Group (Faial, Graciosa, Pico, São Jorge, and Terceira); Eastern Group (Santa Maria and São Miguel). As a tourist destination, it is especially dedicated to nature tourism with outdoor activities, such as hiking, diving, whale watching, among others.